Ingredients Business Unit

Hunan Heaven Materials Development Co.,Ltd ingredients business unit
is a new established unit in Heaven Materials who is engaged in producing and supplying kinds of Vitamins series, amino acids series, minerals series, plant extracts series, protein and peptide series. After years of development and efforts, with the spirit of “Reliable, Responsible and Reasonable”.We have Achieved abundant, comprehensive one-stop purchasing pattern, makes every effort to become the food industry, feed additives, set research and development, production, sales, marketing into a professional platform.

Our head office in Changsha city, Hunan Province which with a long history and profound cultural background. We set up the Research institute and the production base in Hunan and Jiangsu province and have offices in Pudong District Shanghai and our own warehouse Fengxian District in Shanghai. Already full implementation and has obtained GMP, HALA, ISO9001,  international certification.

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